Know All About the Amazing Features of the Oppo A5S

The Oppo A5S is comfortably placed in the mid-range sub Rs. 10,000 category. It has an impressive six.2-inch screen with a large waterdrop button. The screen has good HD+ resolution and good viewing angles but that does not get as bright as when outdoors.

The Oppo A5S has an impressively compact body and weight which belies its size. At 150 g, the Oppo A5S is a pretty heavy handset which makes it suitable for frequent travelers. However, if you are looking for a slim device with all the same features as the bigger counterparts, the Oppo A5S is definitely not it. Its biggest shortcoming remains that it cannot support the Android interface on some of the older Android devices like the AT&T Mobile GSM phone.

In terms of connectivity, the Oppo A5S does oppo a5s come with a decent list of connectivity options. It supports GSM, HSDPA, USB, Bluetooth, MMS and many other interfaces though it depends on the type of network you are using. In other words, this smartphone has decent range but with the exception of HSDPA support it is quite poor. If you travel a lot or plan to use your smartphone on various networks like Vodafone, T-Mobile, Virgin, Orange and others, the Oppo A5S might be okay for you.

An eight-megapixel camera with an aggressive resolution of thirteen MP is the highlight of the Oppo A5S. However, the real star of this smartphone is the high-end Android operating system that it runs. The dual-core Helio P35 processor does its job admirably. The battery life of the handset is quite long despite the large size of the smartphone and it offers a good call quality. The battery life lasts till the end of the third day of use.

The Oppo A5S comes with all the features that one would expect from an ideal smartphone in terms of the media-making capabilities. It has access to high definition videos, music, images and text. It also enables you to easily upload pictures and transfer files to your PC so that you can edit them and share it on the internet. You can even download your music books on the device as it supports all major music file formats including AIFF, WAV and OPML. With the powerful HTC Desire Eye camera, you can instantly capture photos and videos with the Oppo A5S’s built-in camera app.

Another amazing feature of the Oppo A5S is that it is powered by the new Windows operating system that promises high performance. It is the first smartphone that comes with Windows XP Mobile operating system so that it meets all the demands of professional users. Apart from its great looks, the Oppo A5S features all the modern features that are being looked for in high-end smartphones like high-end hardware, high resolution screen, high-definition camera, fast processor, solid memory card, fast Wi-Fi connectivity, fast optical network etc. All these features make the Oppo A5S a perfect smartphone that comes at an attractive price.